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The 2562 Chinese New Year eve: “a celebration in convenience”
February 7, 2011, 2:23 am
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Most of Chinese descendant citizen in Indonesia celebrate the New Year eve by going to a vihara (a Buddhist monastery) or staying at home while praying to their god and ancestor.

Mr. Hadi (57) a Chinese descendant with Indonesian citizenship chose to go to vihara. He admits that in this year, the celebration is more convenience to conduct than several years ago, the condition was referred to The Soeharto’s era where the Chinese descendant often oppressed by the ruling regime. Now, Mr. Hadi can perform his cultural ritual more openly without any fear being oppressed while there is still a little bit vigilant gesture that appeared from him. Mr. Hadi currently works as a senior staff that helps to manage vihara Hiang Thian Siang Tee Bio, Palmerah Barat, Jakarta.

People from diverse background who did not celebrate Chinese New Year are more tolerance to what the Chinese descendant citizen doing at the moment. Some of them even come to helps or come just to see the praying ceremonial. Mr. Rudi who works at “vihara petak sembilan” for about ten years is actually not a Chinese descendant. He said that at “vihara petak sembilan” celebration ceremony is always crowded with people from everywhere, such as Bogor, Bandung or even Lampung. Still even this monastery is always crowded; the ceremony it self is still comfortable for people in many ways.

Just near from “vihara petak sembilan” a less extravagant celebration is spotted from in front of Mr. Alex’s (55) house at Jalan Malaka. Mr. Alex burn papers and boxes in a furnace as a tribute to their ancestor. He claims that he also comfortable to do this ritual in front of his house, near the road where everybody can see him performing ritual.


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