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February 21, 2011, 11:21 am
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A fresh and a peaceful sense beaming out from Mr. Endang Hermawan’s face. At a glance, one would never expect that his profession have something to do with death.

Mr. Endang deliberately chose the unpopular profession of taking care dead bodies at RSPP Hospital; He goes to RSPP three days in a week to clean up dead bodies and prepare it for funeral.

For this middle-aged man, the routine activity seems so easy to do while for many other people dealing with dead body is rather a horror.

“Don’t be afraid of death, because everybody will experience death,” He said.

Whenever somebody dies at RSPP, a nurse will ask family member of the dead whether they want to clean up the body at the hospital or not. This is where Mr. Endang takes role – if the family prefer to clean up the body at the hospital so nurse would ask for his service but if they choose not to, Mr. Endang could still help them by giving a reference of cemetery or how to deal with cemetery administration.

First, Mr Endang will strip off the clothes and then brush up the body and wash it with soap until clean. After that, he will press the stomach exerting its intestine to burst out faeces from the body. He usually uses coffee to get rid unpleasant odor from the body.

He learns all this process from helping senior dead caretaker, then expertise his skill by doing. “It took time to adjust my fear and manage to deal with the dead, for me it took about two month,” He said.

Mr. Endang has experience several unusual dead to deal with. The delicate case of burnt out body from fire caused dead, handling body with a debatable uses of formalin, body with a tattoo and body with HIV virus.

Basically Mr Endang works for Badan Dakwah Islam (BDI) an Islamic missionary body that posted at RSPP. So, the cleaning process conducted in Islamic Syria way. Mr. Endang not only helps dead Muslim people but also help dead people from other religion.

Mr. Endang experience is not limited to dealing with the dead only. He sometimes needs to calm down a hysterical mourn of the family member. “A personal approach was needed to handle the situation,” he explained.


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