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January 10, 2013, 12:02 pm
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Have we really forget how to be honest
I took a long leave from work in this month because I never took it during the year before.

Now as I have much time without anything to do, I invited my widower-father from Bandung to stay with me in my boarding house in Jakarta.

After we spent our first day in town watching movie and exploring the mall, father asked me whether if I could bring him to the Istiqlal mosque, which is the biggest one in southeast asia, located near the monument national in central Jakarta.

He wanted to go there on the second day so he could perform friday prayer, and I complied.

We went there riding my motorcycle. It was my first time to went inside the Istiqlal as well.

I was pretty amazed with the size of the facility, which during the dutch colonial era was utilized as a prison.

Though nothing special with its maintenance and management, I noticed that some sections of the main building are under renovation.

We strolled around the mosque until we walked inside the building to listen to the preacher, and there the story begun.

The preacher intrigued me because instead of enlightening my spiritual perspective he pretty much prompted my debating appetite.

In his preach he told the medias to stop making news out of corruption, because it has made the ummah (moslem community) forgot to talk about honesty and fairness, said the preacher.

He repeatedly mentioned and blamed printed, online and broadcast medias, for creating negative opinion among the ummah.

He believed that honesty and fairness would proliferate only if the ummah start talking about it.

And forget the country’s rampant and deep rooted corruption?
No please, forgive my sins GOD but I believe in otherwise.

I agreed that the problems with corruption have saturated the people and the nation, but if we stop here, stop monitoring the cases, then it will only means the beginning of the victory for the white-collared mafias.

Are you trying to make the ummah forget that the religious ministry has been marked as the most corrupt ministry in the country?

I understand, in a way, that the preacher has good intention to solve social problems which entangles the ummah, It was prophetic.

But there is fallacy here because I believed he has failed to capture the bigger picture in the scene.

He cited some verses from the koran which stipulates Moslems are dignified men and women, who strives for peace and prosperity.

The proposition is true but in order to become people with that kind of quality does not necessarily mean we should to put blindfold on our eyes.

Shall we always take the instant way  to solve problems?

So, have we really forget how to be honest, up until the preacher have to reminds us that way?


Rabby Pramudatama.


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