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Happiness among the unhappy
August 26, 2013, 3:39 pm
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Rabby Pramudatama, Medan, Aug. 26

All of them were forced to flee their hometowns, he must postpone his study, an anthropology bachelor must work at a workshop, a beautiful woman had lost her mind and a wife had lost her husband.

These all happened while you are busy pursuing your career, planning your study, counting your saving to buy a car.

I am wondering, what if I am in their position, a position with less privilege, fewer options, moreover nowhere to go.

I perceived that they are unhappy for various uncountable reasons and there will be no answer to why all of these happened in the first time.

They told us to accept what we cannot change.

But have you ever traveled kilometers away, not to seek new experiences, not for sightseeing, nor to satisfy your shopping appetite, but to flee from persecution?

I am not that naive to bluntly take them for what they claim, but then again they all come from too many very different profiles and backgrounds.

Not all of them look like they really need help, some of them looks prosper, several seems have no idea what to do while others appears have a lot of idea to take advantage from their positions.

There is nothing more I can do, except doing my job. I cannot give them promise, especially the ones that I cannot keep. I can only comfort them by saying we are doing all that we can to help you.

And by “doing all” it means we are doing paperwork, and they will  go through long examination processes, and in the end their fate will still depend on other people’s hands.

On many facets, I personally think that they still cannot choose what is it the best for their own self given they are short on options.

The only thing as well as the best thing in many sense that they can do is to be patient, it is called the three “S” according to my senior colleague and they are Sabar, sabar and sabar.

Despite all, I truly see hopes on their eyes.

Some children that they brought, they are still too innocent to understand despair. They goes frenzy when I took their pictures during the registration.

They do not know what does the picture means. They only understand that their parents are smiling and the photo session becomes a new and happy experience for them.

These kids, adolescences, and teenagers, they got a whole lot of positive energies which I hope will be enough to keep their families and communities survived the rainy days.


January 10, 2013, 12:02 pm
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Have we really forget how to be honest
I took a long leave from work in this month because I never took it during the year before.

Now as I have much time without anything to do, I invited my widower-father from Bandung to stay with me in my boarding house in Jakarta.

After we spent our first day in town watching movie and exploring the mall, father asked me whether if I could bring him to the Istiqlal mosque, which is the biggest one in southeast asia, located near the monument national in central Jakarta.

He wanted to go there on the second day so he could perform friday prayer, and I complied.

We went there riding my motorcycle. It was my first time to went inside the Istiqlal as well.

I was pretty amazed with the size of the facility, which during the dutch colonial era was utilized as a prison.

Though nothing special with its maintenance and management, I noticed that some sections of the main building are under renovation.

We strolled around the mosque until we walked inside the building to listen to the preacher, and there the story begun.

The preacher intrigued me because instead of enlightening my spiritual perspective he pretty much prompted my debating appetite.

In his preach he told the medias to stop making news out of corruption, because it has made the ummah (moslem community) forgot to talk about honesty and fairness, said the preacher.

He repeatedly mentioned and blamed printed, online and broadcast medias, for creating negative opinion among the ummah.

He believed that honesty and fairness would proliferate only if the ummah start talking about it.

And forget the country’s rampant and deep rooted corruption?
No please, forgive my sins GOD but I believe in otherwise.

I agreed that the problems with corruption have saturated the people and the nation, but if we stop here, stop monitoring the cases, then it will only means the beginning of the victory for the white-collared mafias.

Are you trying to make the ummah forget that the religious ministry has been marked as the most corrupt ministry in the country?

I understand, in a way, that the preacher has good intention to solve social problems which entangles the ummah, It was prophetic.

But there is fallacy here because I believed he has failed to capture the bigger picture in the scene.

He cited some verses from the koran which stipulates Moslems are dignified men and women, who strives for peace and prosperity.

The proposition is true but in order to become people with that kind of quality does not necessarily mean we should to put blindfold on our eyes.

Shall we always take the instant way  to solve problems?

So, have we really forget how to be honest, up until the preacher have to reminds us that way?


Rabby Pramudatama.

February 21, 2011, 11:21 am
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A fresh and a peaceful sense beaming out from Mr. Endang Hermawan’s face. At a glance, one would never expect that his profession have something to do with death.

Mr. Endang deliberately chose the unpopular profession of taking care dead bodies at RSPP Hospital; He goes to RSPP three days in a week to clean up dead bodies and prepare it for funeral.

For this middle-aged man, the routine activity seems so easy to do while for many other people dealing with dead body is rather a horror.

“Don’t be afraid of death, because everybody will experience death,” He said.

Whenever somebody dies at RSPP, a nurse will ask family member of the dead whether they want to clean up the body at the hospital or not. This is where Mr. Endang takes role – if the family prefer to clean up the body at the hospital so nurse would ask for his service but if they choose not to, Mr. Endang could still help them by giving a reference of cemetery or how to deal with cemetery administration.

First, Mr Endang will strip off the clothes and then brush up the body and wash it with soap until clean. After that, he will press the stomach exerting its intestine to burst out faeces from the body. He usually uses coffee to get rid unpleasant odor from the body.

He learns all this process from helping senior dead caretaker, then expertise his skill by doing. “It took time to adjust my fear and manage to deal with the dead, for me it took about two month,” He said.

Mr. Endang has experience several unusual dead to deal with. The delicate case of burnt out body from fire caused dead, handling body with a debatable uses of formalin, body with a tattoo and body with HIV virus.

Basically Mr Endang works for Badan Dakwah Islam (BDI) an Islamic missionary body that posted at RSPP. So, the cleaning process conducted in Islamic Syria way. Mr. Endang not only helps dead Muslim people but also help dead people from other religion.

Mr. Endang experience is not limited to dealing with the dead only. He sometimes needs to calm down a hysterical mourn of the family member. “A personal approach was needed to handle the situation,” he explained.

The 2562 Chinese New Year eve: “a celebration in convenience”
February 7, 2011, 2:23 am
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Most of Chinese descendant citizen in Indonesia celebrate the New Year eve by going to a vihara (a Buddhist monastery) or staying at home while praying to their god and ancestor.

Mr. Hadi (57) a Chinese descendant with Indonesian citizenship chose to go to vihara. He admits that in this year, the celebration is more convenience to conduct than several years ago, the condition was referred to The Soeharto’s era where the Chinese descendant often oppressed by the ruling regime. Now, Mr. Hadi can perform his cultural ritual more openly without any fear being oppressed while there is still a little bit vigilant gesture that appeared from him. Mr. Hadi currently works as a senior staff that helps to manage vihara Hiang Thian Siang Tee Bio, Palmerah Barat, Jakarta.

People from diverse background who did not celebrate Chinese New Year are more tolerance to what the Chinese descendant citizen doing at the moment. Some of them even come to helps or come just to see the praying ceremonial. Mr. Rudi who works at “vihara petak sembilan” for about ten years is actually not a Chinese descendant. He said that at “vihara petak sembilan” celebration ceremony is always crowded with people from everywhere, such as Bogor, Bandung or even Lampung. Still even this monastery is always crowded; the ceremony it self is still comfortable for people in many ways.

Just near from “vihara petak sembilan” a less extravagant celebration is spotted from in front of Mr. Alex’s (55) house at Jalan Malaka. Mr. Alex burn papers and boxes in a furnace as a tribute to their ancestor. He claims that he also comfortable to do this ritual in front of his house, near the road where everybody can see him performing ritual.

Tahrir square the paramount of chaos
February 2, 2011, 3:02 am
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TEMPO Interactive, Cairo – Tahrir Square, the centre place of demonstration at Egypt, turn into an ocean of human decorated with shriek of people sounding Husni Mubarak President of Egypt to step down.

Akbar Pribadi, Tempo correspondent, reported that protesters predicted to keep increasing. This is happened because the other protesters still trying to get into Tahrir Square.

The protesters find it hard to breach Egypt military blockade. But they still keep trying to enter Tahrir Square area. Egyptian military has blockaded the road with tank, stone and barbed wire. This blockade was constructed to prevent huge mass of people come to today. Beside the road to Tahrir Square, road from outside of Cairo leading to city also have been blockaded.
Thousand of people has been on the road of Cairo, Suez, Alexandria and Al Arish (near Palestinian border) in past six day. They demand Husni Mubarak to step down.

The Mass also asked the government conduct reformation in order to decrease unemployment level also to increase living standard of people. Because of this chaos in Cairo, many family from Egypt find it hard to get staple food such as bread and rice.

January 12, 2011, 5:37 am
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I seek solace in the beauty of nature. Frankly speaking its because more and more people becoming zombie (no heart) robot (obey one system) or rain people (come and go).

January 1, 2011, 7:46 am
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Life expectancy. This word come to my head while I was reading a news.
The news caught my attention because it said that Japan experiencing population shrink, due to the high number of death and low number of birth. But then the side story of this news is that Japanese people were known as the holder of highest life expectancy in the world. Well logically it make sense, looking at how the way healthy life style has become part of culture in there. Now my question is.. Can we really measure life. Life expectancy, my opinion abut this is nonsense. So far 😉