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Happiness among the unhappy
August 26, 2013, 3:39 pm
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Rabby Pramudatama, Medan, Aug. 26

All of them were forced to flee their hometowns, he must postpone his study, an anthropology bachelor must work at a workshop, a beautiful woman had lost her mind and a wife had lost her husband.

These all happened while you are busy pursuing your career, planning your study, counting your saving to buy a car.

I am wondering, what if I am in their position, a position with less privilege, fewer options, moreover nowhere to go.

I perceived that they are unhappy for various uncountable reasons and there will be no answer to why all of these happened in the first time.

They told us to accept what we cannot change.

But have you ever traveled kilometers away, not to seek new experiences, not for sightseeing, nor to satisfy your shopping appetite, but to flee from persecution?

I am not that naive to bluntly take them for what they claim, but then again they all come from too many very different profiles and backgrounds.

Not all of them look like they really need help, some of them looks prosper, several seems have no idea what to do while others appears have a lot of idea to take advantage from their positions.

There is nothing more I can do, except doing my job. I cannot give them promise, especially the ones that I cannot keep. I can only comfort them by saying we are doing all that we can to help you.

And by “doing all” it means we are doing paperwork, and they will  go through long examination processes, and in the end their fate will still depend on other people’s hands.

On many facets, I personally think that they still cannot choose what is it the best for their own self given they are short on options.

The only thing as well as the best thing in many sense that they can do is to be patient, it is called the three “S” according to my senior colleague and they are Sabar, sabar and sabar.

Despite all, I truly see hopes on their eyes.

Some children that they brought, they are still too innocent to understand despair. They goes frenzy when I took their pictures during the registration.

They do not know what does the picture means. They only understand that their parents are smiling and the photo session becomes a new and happy experience for them.

These kids, adolescences, and teenagers, they got a whole lot of positive energies which I hope will be enough to keep their families and communities survived the rainy days.